The obligatory Curriculum Vitae summary: I have been doing embedded development for over 30 years. This includes working as a firmware engineer, technical lead, system engineer, software architect, and software development manager for companies such as Ingersoll Rand, Carrier, Allen-Bradley, Hitachi Telecom, Emerson, and several start-up companies. The products I have worked on range from HVAC control systems, telecom SONET nodes, IoT devices, microcode for communication chips, to medical devices. I am coauthor of five US patents and hold a bachelor degree in mathematics and computer science. For completeness, all the gory detailed can be found on my LinkedIn page.

My first passion is getting my hands dirty in developing new products, design and writing code. I have discovered that I also have passion for talking about firmware development. In fact, I have recently published a book on that topic (and not just a self-published book either – but I will skip the discussion about it being or not being a best-seller ?). I am now trying out blogging because writing an entire book is really hard work and takes a lot of time and I still have a day job.

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