My Patterns in the Machine book is way this blog exists. Basically once I overcame my fears of putting my ideas out for the world to see and criticize – writing a blog is not so scary. Also it provides me with a forum for content that did not make it into the book, and for future ideas/best practices/inspiration.

Click here for a preview. The book is available at all online book retailers

P.S. What is the that circle/square thingy that is the Site’s logo? It is a astrolabe. When I began writing the book, my plan was to have my wife (who is a professional artist) to design the book cover art that would include a astrolabe in some form or fashion. However, the publisher had their own idea for the book cover art (it is a series theme for them). Anyway, here is a larger image of the astrolabe because I think its cool 😊.